Mar 18, 2014

I’m loving this post by Keir Whitaker on the (mt) Blog. Took a few months to get together, but one of the best yet. 


Mar 11, 2014

Harlem Shake ain't got nothing on Sade!


Throwback to last year’s SXSW set up party!

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Jan 8, 2014

Looking forward to creating a worldclass resource for the creative entrepreneur class.


Dec 10, 2013

Barrels out after bottling at Beckman vineyard, St Ynez


Nov 28, 2013

Another charge up Red Rock canyon.


Oct 25, 2013

Josh Long on Creativity and Entrepreneurship

"I don’t think it’s really a question of what types of problems I want to solve, as much as it is creating a framework for people to solve any problems."

Was really honored to have the chance to interview Josh Long, a friend and inspirational creative entrepreneur. We’ve been fans and supporters of his work for a while, and this interview sheds some light as to why.


Oct 4, 2013

Media Temple's Jason McVearry Interviewed About Joomla Hosting


Sep 24, 2013

Burning Man: Pros and Cons from a non-Burner

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Sep 9, 2013

The Virb Blog: Introducing Four New Pages

This is very exciting. Seemingly small improvements can make significant impacts on small businesses. KUDOS VIRB!

When it comes to creating your website, content is king. But what good is content if it’s not presented in a way that’s easy for your visitors to read and understand? Now, we’re introducing four brand new Page types to help you create effective (and seriously professional-looking) content.

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Sep 4, 2013

Launched: Grid WordPress PowerPack

Happy to get this project out the door!! Good work by Marketing, Product, Engineering and Sales here.


Aug 29, 2013

Coding is a tool for youth leadership development, not just a need for the future

Urbantxt is an organization I was forunate to meet and interview for (mt) at the SXSW V2V Festival.. They’re doing really awesome things mentoring underprivileged youth in LA using Coding as the tool.  We look forward to working with this organization in the future. 

When we dive into coding our 7th through 11th grade young men tend to say it’s “too difficult”, “intimidating” or “confusing.” A select few start off their days in computer programming with “woah, that’s cool.”

No matter what the reaction is, their efforts under our guidance in URBAN Teens eXploring Technology result in web and mobile products that improve communities. And they are built in 10 weeks or less. “How do you guys do it?” is one of the first questions people ask.

The answer is simple. Coding is the tool, leadership development is the end goal. We don’t see coding as just selectors, file directories, or languages.

At URBAN TxT, we see coding as the catalyst that can take young men of color and turn them into technology leaders who build positive communities. To us, computer programming is the tool that helps our teens learn how to learn, to develop discipline, and to build confidence. 


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Aug 6, 2013

Meet the Grid team

The story component behind the re-unleashing of the Grid. 


Jul 2, 2013

1st cucumber harvest


May 10, 2013

Dog’s day night at (mt)


Apr 23, 2013

(mt) Media Temple: People We Support at SXSW



We’ve built some great relationships with clients and like minded creative builders over beers, coffee and passionate chit chat. SXSW embodies a lot of what we do at (mt), which by no coincidence, is why we’ve been coming here for 8+ years. The following is a list of companies at SXSW…

Just an example of the liveblog content we were throwing up at SXSW

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Apr 23, 2013

The SXSW Cycle and Survival

Maybe you’re a marketing person, an entrepreneur or just a person really interested in  totally overwhelming conference experiences, SXSW is probably on your agenda.

SXSW emulates this massive wave, sucking up energy from all things tech and culture for months leading up the event, only to crest and crash in a loud chaotic mess on Austin, TX in March. In reality, the event is so large, it’s something we’re working “around” all year long.

The SXSW planning cycle:

Post SXSW Spring :

  • Complete brain drain followed by SXSW recap meetings and post-press analysis.

  • Answer questions from your executive team about hotel room cost, activation opportunities, what others did and what we could do better.

Summer time:

  • Focus on all things not SXSW, recharge and enact fun creative strategies.

  • Have a discussion about Not doing SXSW followed by a discussion entitled: Maybe we should book rooms now?


  • We should start discussing SXSW budget and really look into booking hotels

  • Should we get our own lounge venue for a week?


  • Next year budget planning sparks the big question: “Did we book rooms yet?”

Late Winter:

  • Shit, What are we putting on our SXSW Mini site? What’s the budget and theme  again?

Tips to Survive SXSW and keep on improving.

Tame the Guerilla:

SXSW is synonymous with “Guerilla Marketing”. It’s really taken to extremes in Austin with companies spending a good portion of $1M to produce elaborate, multi-day installations complete with custom built vehicles, you name it. These can be very impactful, powerful foils for your brand if done “right”. Just make sure your “activation” actually connects you with customers and scales with your business and objective. If you’re there to close deals, do something small. If you’re there to drive volume downloads on your app, go a bit bigger. If you’re pepsi, buy a city block and hire Justin Timberlake.

Pay the Piper:

It’s hard to imagine the nice people behind SXSW, an event that actually utilizes crowdsourcing and celebrates creativity, going after free-loaders using the SXSW brand to launch the next big thing, but they do, and rightfully so. After working at SXSW for a couple years as a full-time staffer, you quickly understand this is an organization dedicated to creating a unique and highly valuable experience for attendees. The brand juice associated with that experience is immense and should be filtered through the proper SXSW channels to limit the chaos to some sort of sane threshold. Find a way to work through the event to produce your initiative and your event will absolutely be more successful.  Having SXSW in your corner is a big help.

Have Appropriate Goals:  (it’s about connections)

The SXSW Success metric should look something like this:

*New People Met social network interactions

x % increase in social engagements


reactions to original content created  x emails garnered through content publishing 

= Potential infographic for the masses showing your awesomeness long lasting, ongoing brand engagements

*Customers, Potential customers, inspirational characters, colorful characters

Obviously, I’m not a mathematician, but put this on the wall at MIT and I bet the marketing version of Will Hunting would get it.

Connect with Clients:

Chances are you’ll be competing with other organizations and people to meet with your clients and important contacts. Make it easy and appealing to connect. Have several “meet ups” making it optional to drop in for a catch up. Eventually you’ll make that meeting and

Stalk your favorite companies and E-Celebs:

SXSW is a pretty amazing opportunity to ask your technorati crush that question you’ve always wanted to ask them. Chances are, you’ll find said nerd approachable and happy to chat. Just be patient (but persistent).

Stay Sane by producing content.

Stay limber and somewhat sober: It’s easy to over-do it in Austin. If you’re producing  multiple events and hitting others’ events to-boot, keep some simple goals in mind like, “I need to be in hotel room by 12:30 SHARP to produce some decent content for the next day”. I spent years not following this advice and finally found the content production angle to be not only centering, but a fun way to share your experience and share knowledge. It’s a huge that producing content on the ground at SXSW serves as fantastic archive for next years SXSW planning shenanigans.

Thanks, and see you in Austin in that magical month of March, where worlds collide, weather wreaks havoc and the chaff and the wheat are crushed together in a delicious techno-social taco. (with a vegan shell)


Mar 1, 2013

Build/test SXSW Live Blog


Feb 21, 2013