May 13, 2015

SEO Health in one Helpful Table


Dec 3, 2014

Cyber Monday Breaks Records in Sales and Uptime


Working in hosting for more than a decade, we waited (and tried to capitalize) on a roundup of “Cyber Monday downtime” stories where online retailers suffered crushing loads and massive revenue loss.

2014 is the year every CTO, site administrator, front end dev and data center manager involved in building/planning online retail sites deserve a slow clap! 

Search ‘Cyber Monday Downtime’ and note page 1 consists of hosting content titled similarly to “Preparing for the Holiday Crush”.

On the surface, this means the maturity of cloud and hybrid hosting eco-system, along side a deeper understanding of efficient front end development and database management, has finally caught up to the demand of modern web traffic.

So KUDOS to you internet warriors.. you unsung uptime heroes! 


Aug 18, 2014

Built a quick Virb Site for Juiceland Brooklyn..



Jul 8, 2014

Timeout with Dan Cederholm


Timeouts are lightning-quick interviews, questions to help you get to know the players holding court at Dribbble. This week and next, to celebrate our fifth, we will sit in the Timeout seat. First up: Dan.

Who are you? Let us know where you hail from and what you do.

DcHowdy, I’m Dan…

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Jun 11, 2014

Timeout with Von Glitschka


Timeouts are lightning-quick interviews, questions to help you get to know the players holding court at Dribbble. Thanks to Von for being today’s interviewee.

Who are you? Let us know where you hail from and what you do.

Vonster2I refer to myself as an illustrative designer. My studio is in…

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Jun 3, 2014


Coming this Friday…

I have the pleasure of announcing that the final edition of 8Faces magazine will be available to order this Friday, 6th June.

8Faces is packed with informative articles and interviews with high-profile type people, and this final issue is no exception.
Our 8 interviewees are:

About 8Faces: If you could use just eight typefaces, which would you choose? 8 Faces is a magazine that asks this question — and many more — to eight leading designers from the fields of print, web, illustration, and of course type design itself.

Eighty-eight pages of in-depth interviews, critical essays, and inspiration from the very best in the business. We pride ourselves on producing a printed magazine that you’ll want to keep on your bookshelf. Our covers are adorned with our foil-blocked silver logo and each issue is an experiment with an attention-grabbing new printing technique.

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Apr 22, 2014

It’s a fucking startup. Why are you here?


It has now been 150 days since Fab completed its 2013 restructuring which saw us cut our operating expenses by two-thirds and go from more than 750 employees to around 300 today.

Since then, armed with tens of millions of dollars, a great brand, loyal customers, a passion for design, an…

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Mar 18, 2014

I’m loving this post by Keir Whitaker on the (mt) Blog. Took a few months to get together, but one of the best yet. 


Mar 11, 2014

Harlem Shake ain't got nothing on Sade!


Throwback to last year’s SXSW set up party!

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Jan 8, 2014

Looking forward to creating a worldclass resource for the creative entrepreneur class.


Dec 10, 2013

Barrels out after bottling at Beckman vineyard, St Ynez


Nov 28, 2013

Another charge up Red Rock canyon.


Oct 25, 2013

Josh Long on Creativity and Entrepreneurship

“I don’t think it’s really a question of what types of problems I want to solve, as much as it is creating a framework for people to solve any problems.”

Was really honored to have the chance to interview Josh Long, a friend and inspirational creative entrepreneur. We’ve been fans and supporters of his work for a while, and this interview sheds some light as to why.


Oct 4, 2013

Media Temple's Jason McVearry Interviewed About Joomla Hosting


Sep 24, 2013

Burning Man: Pros and Cons from a non-Burner

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Sep 9, 2013

The Virb Blog: Introducing Four New Pages

This is very exciting. Seemingly small improvements can make significant impacts on small businesses. KUDOS VIRB!

When it comes to creating your website, content is king. But what good is content if it’s not presented in a way that’s easy for your visitors to read and understand? Now, we’re introducing four brand new Page types to help you create effective (and seriously professional-looking) content.

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Sep 4, 2013

Launched: Grid WordPress PowerPack

Happy to get this project out the door!! Good work by Marketing, Product, Engineering and Sales here.


Aug 29, 2013

Coding is a tool for youth leadership development, not just a need for the future

Urbantxt is an organization I was forunate to meet and interview for (mt) at the SXSW V2V Festival.. They’re doing really awesome things mentoring underprivileged youth in LA using Coding as the tool.  We look forward to working with this organization in the future. 

When we dive into coding our 7th through 11th grade young men tend to say it’s “too difficult”, “intimidating” or “confusing.” A select few start off their days in computer programming with “woah, that’s cool.”

No matter what the reaction is, their efforts under our guidance in URBAN Teens eXploring Technology result in web and mobile products that improve communities. And they are built in 10 weeks or less. “How do you guys do it?” is one of the first questions people ask.

The answer is simple. Coding is the tool, leadership development is the end goal. We don’t see coding as just selectors, file directories, or languages.

At URBAN TxT, we see coding as the catalyst that can take young men of color and turn them into technology leaders who build positive communities. To us, computer programming is the tool that helps our teens learn how to learn, to develop discipline, and to build confidence. 


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Aug 6, 2013

Meet the Grid team

The story component behind the re-unleashing of the Grid.