Aug 29, 2013

Coding is a tool for youth leadership development, not just a need for the future

Urbantxt is an organization I was forunate to meet and interview for (mt) at the SXSW V2V Festival.. They’re doing really awesome things mentoring underprivileged youth in LA using Coding as the tool.  We look forward to working with this organization in the future. 

When we dive into coding our 7th through 11th grade young men tend to say it’s “too difficult”, “intimidating” or “confusing.” A select few start off their days in computer programming with “woah, that’s cool.”

No matter what the reaction is, their efforts under our guidance in URBAN Teens eXploring Technology result in web and mobile products that improve communities. And they are built in 10 weeks or less. “How do you guys do it?” is one of the first questions people ask.

The answer is simple. Coding is the tool, leadership development is the end goal. We don’t see coding as just selectors, file directories, or languages.

At URBAN TxT, we see coding as the catalyst that can take young men of color and turn them into technology leaders who build positive communities. To us, computer programming is the tool that helps our teens learn how to learn, to develop discipline, and to build confidence. 


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